Content Campaigns

The Hideaway Report produced a new batch of destination-based content every month, so there was always a new campaign underway to promote it. Our biggest challenge as designers was that we could rarely show people in our photos, because our editors traveled to hotels undercover. We also had to walk a fine line of producing a great looking product that also doesn't look like paid marketing, so member would feel it was still authentic. Here is a selection of projects, starting with our annual awards issue landing page.


A screenshot of web page

The landing page above featured articles covering the best hotels our editors visited in the past year. It was the epicenter of a broad marketing strategy to bring people to the website and either engage them or convert them to members. We also created an array of social media assets, emails, PR materials and videos to push traffic to the page.

Display Ads
Social Media PR Assets
Promotional Video


In addition to our awards issue, we promoted other content on an ongoing basis. This included email ads, social media and display ads. Here is a small selection of the thousands I oversaw the production of.

Display Ads
Weekly Emails

40th Anniversary ISSUE

For our 40th anniversary, we produced a special article (below) and asked hotels from our first year to promote the issue using the attached graphic.