Texas Wildlife

I'm obsessed with wildlife, and I have developed two ongoing project to share my love. I post camera trap videos on Instagram as @atxwildlife, and I write about ecological history on Wild Texas History. My historical research is also digging up photos for Deep in the Heart, an upcoming wildlife documentary. By sharing the diversity of creatures that call Texas home, I hope to do my small part in securing their habitat for the future.

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ATX Wildlife

I created the Instagram account @atxwildlife to have an outlet to for my passion for wildlife. Each week I post footage from the camera traps I've set up in my West Austin backyard along with wildlife facts and humorous captions. View a few posts and give me a follow below.

Wild Texas History

My interest in Texas jaguars led me deep into historical archives, where I found an unpublished image of the last cat killed here in 1948 (above). It also turned up lots of other information about Texas wildlife that I wanted to make more accessible for others. To that end I created, where I post primary source documents to craft an ecological history of the state.